Beacon-Based Indoor Wayfinding for the Blind, Visually Impaired and Disoriented

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Project Overview

There are few options for navigational aids for the blind and visually impaired (BVI) in indoor spaces, as technologies such as GPS used outdoors do not work indoors.

This project proposes to deploy low cost Bluetooth-based beacons (small, low cost wireless devices) at various locations indoors and then have users equipped with smartphones navigate through interactions with these beacons. If successful, the proposed system can be used for navigation in large indoor spaces like airports, train stations, grocery stores, malls, university buildings, etc. with minimal assistance.


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INCLUSION: over 18/under 60, normal health, AND impaired vision/use cane, impaired vision/use guide dog, low vision (legally blind, visual acuity <20/200 or visual field <20 deg) but no use of cane/dog, OR typical vision. EXCLUSION: N/A

Vinod Namboodiri, PhD
Adjunct Research Scientist
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Team Members

Laura Walker, PhD
Executive Director Vinod Namboodiri, PhD
Adjunct Research Scientist Seyed Ali Cheraghi
Doctoral Student, Wichita State University

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