Tony Succar, PhD (Alumni)

Photograph of Dr. Tony Succar Expertise And Interests
  • Vision Rehabilitation
  • Functional Vision Restoration
  • Eye Movements
  • Binocular Vision and Stereopsis
  • Technology
  • Ophthalmic Medical Education

Envision Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Alumni)

Dr. Tony Succar was the first Research Fellow with the Envision Research Institute, working under the mentorship of Dr. Laura Walker, as well as Dr. Donald Fletcher, a Scientist with the Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute in San Francisco, California (an Affiliate Scientist with the Envision Research Institute). Previously Dr. Succar worked as a Clinical Associate Lecturer at The University of Sydney Medical School, Department of Ophthalmology. He graduated from The University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Applied Vision Science (Orthoptics). His passion to help people with irreversible blinding eye diseases led him to pursue a Master of Science in Medicine (Ophthalmic Science) at Sydney Medical School, where he conducted electrical stimulation studies for the development of a bionic eye – a rehabilitative device for individuals with severe vision impairment. Following this, Dr. Succar was awarded The University of Sydney Postgraduate Scholarship in Vision and Eye Health Research where he completed his PhD at the Department of Ophthalmology, under the supervision of Professor John Grigg. His project involved the development of a Virtual Ophthalmology Clinic on which medical students can sharpen their clinical reasoning skills by formulating a diagnosis and treatment plan on virtual patients with simulated eye conditions. Dr. Succar’s PhD research was awarded Best Oral Presentation in Educational Research at the Annual Nepean Scientific Day. At ERI, he worked toward the development of an innovative virtual vision rehabilitation program for restoring functional 3-D vision in individuals with macular degeneration and the development of an evidence-based protocol for prescribing task lighting, while also investigating the feasibility of telerehabilitation for individuals with vision impairment in rural and remote areas in the U.S.

Publications View All

Succar, T., Ghahghaei, S., Fletcher, D. C., & Walker, L. (2016). Restoring Functional Stereopsis in AMD with Dichoptic Training. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, 57(12), 5177-5177.

Succar, T., Walker, L., Kendrick, K., Meis, A., & Fletcher, D. (2015). Functional impact of task lighting on reading with low vision. Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology Annual Meeting, 2015.

Gurbaxani, A., Wei, M., Succar, T., McCluskey, P.J., Jamieson, R.V., & Grigg, J.R. Acetazolamide in retinoschisis: a prospective study. Ophthalmology, 121(3), 802-803.

Succar, T., Zebington, G, Billson, F, Byth, K, Barrie, S, McCluskey, P, & Grigg, J. The impact of the Virtual Ophthalmology Clinic on medical students’ learning: a randomized controlled trial. Eye, 27(10), 1151-1157.

Succar, T., & Grigg, J. (2010). A new vision for teaching ophthalmology in the medical curriculum: the Virtual Ophthalmology Clinic. ASCILITE Curriculum, technology & transformation for an unknown future.