Yingzi Xiong, PhD

ADS, Inc. Research Fellow

Dr. Yingzi Xiong is an ADS, Inc. Research Fellow at the Envision Research Institute, and a K99 award recipient of the National Eye Institute. In Envision she is working under the joint mentorship of Dr. Gordon Legge in the Department of Psychology, University of Minnesota; Dr. Peggy Nelson in the Department of Speech-Language-Hearing Science (SLHS), University of Minnesota; and Dr. Donald Fletcher in the Envision Low Vision Rehabilitation Center.

Dr. Xiong earned her Doctorate of Philosophy in Psychology from Peking University, China. Her doctorate research focused on vision, hearing and cross-modality behavior training, with an emphasis on developing novel behavior training methods to facilitate the generalization of training outcomes. As a Postdoc she joined Professor Gordon Legge's low-vision research lab in the University of Minnesota. Her Postdoc research aimed at improving the reading performance of individuals with low-vision by providing better behavior assessment, evaluating typeface and display, and developing text accessibility checker for low-vision reading.

Dr. Xiong noticed the high prevalence of dual sensory loss (DSL) through her low-vision research. Though a large and increasing population, the special needs of people with DSL have received very little attention. Dr. Xiong has established her career goal as improving the independence and quality of life of people with DSL by developing effective rehabilitation training methods, establishing tools for clinical and self-assessment, and increasing hearing and vision accessibility in public environments. Dr. Xiong's background in basic and clinical research, her multi-disciplinary mentor team, and the unique research environment in ERI will build a solid foundation for her DSL research. You can visit Dr. Xiong's personal site here.

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